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Regular test prep courses, classed by top-notch teachers

iae GLOBAL - truly GLOBAL!

  • Learn underlying concepts + strategies to avoid common "test traps"
  • Master time management
  • Tips and tricks taught by experienced teachers
  • Practice tests every week, materials supplied

iae NEPAL conducts test prep classes, taught by experienced teachers

Good test scores maximise your chances for university placement and eventual visa success. iae GLOBAL NEPAL conducts these prep classes regularly, in multiple time slots.

We maintain manageable class sizes so your teacher is accessible to you. Our teachers are unfailingly competent and care about your results.

Learn the subject matter, underlying concepts, language constructs

Whether you are stumped by a reading passage in IELTS or confused by analytical reasoning in a GRE question, moving forward is only possible once you develop clear understanding of core principles.

Master time management & leave nothing to chance

Tests can feel like a race against time - and they are that way by design. You are being tested on your ability to prioritize and organize under pressure. Managing time comes from experience, and from knowing what you are dealing with, inside and out.

Secrets revealed - tricks and tips that help you rule test formats

Game-ify your preparation to squeeze out elusive points. We urge you to look at patterns and study the terrain; learn tricky maneauvers and avoid eating dirt.
Questions will try to trip you and you will go the distance if you pay attention to these bits.

Weekly tests to get yourself ready for the real thing

It is our experience that students normally disregard the weekly tests. Don't make this mistake. Come and take advantage of our weekly tests and you will thank yourself when the results are out.

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Learn tips and tricks to master GRE

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