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5 Days to Submission Deadline
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How to Enter Contest?

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This competition has been made possible by JMC Academy, Australia (CRICOS 01259J). JMC is Australia’s leading Creative Industries institution, offering Degrees and Diplomas in Music, Songwriting, Audio Engineering, Film and Television Production, Entertainment Business Management, Digital Design, 3D Animation and Game Design.

JMC Academy’s ultimate focus is to deliver inspiring and technologically sophisticated programs, which cater to the global needs of the Creative industries. By nurturing, supporting and mentoring students who share a true passion and dedication for these industries, we are able to guide them into rewarding careers.

JMC Academy, Australia has campuses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Courses at JMC Academy, Australia

As the organizer, iae GLOBAL Nepal wants to thank JMC for their support and we want to endorse JMC to all students considering a career in creative industries. The benefits of learning under industry exposed and industry connected teachers is immense. The creative ecosystem fostered within JMC that encourages creativity and collaboration is elemental in a student's development into becoming a successful professional.

Get Greative! Info
Get Greative! Info

JMC Academy Australia & iae GLOBAL Nepal have organised this DIGITAL MEDIA contest (sponsorship by JMC Academy). We aim to encourage creative students, amateurs and even hobbyists to showcase their skills in some or all of below:


You simply need to be from NEPAL to participate!

Please note:
Last day to register is 24th September 2019
Last day to submit is 25th September 2019

Making your submission:
1. You can upload your creation (final rendered/mixed/produced digital file) to an online drive and email us the link to finalise submission
2. Alternately, you can drop the files in a USB drive directly at iae GLOBAL Nepal, Dillibazar by deadline. Location: iae GLOBAL Nepal, Dillibazar (next to Vijaya Memorial School): Click here to view location on Google Maps.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What can I submit?
→ You can submit any digital media content that is created and owned by you. This includes music, animation, video clips, digital artwork etc. The maximum allowed duration of your creation is 5 minutes (we reccommend limiting it to around 3-4 minutes mark). Many kinds of entertainment media such as games, vlog, podcasts, typography and gifs etc can be integrated into your creation.

What should I submit?
→ You should submit only the finalized product/creation. We will evaluate it and ask for raw files if required for verification.

What are raw files?
→ The pre-rendered animation clips or video footage in native format of the software and hardware you use (for example, Adobe After Effects’ .ae file, Final Cut's project file, Adobe Photoshop’s .psd file, Premiere’s .pproj, .raw camera footage, individual assets used in your content, project file/s of Ableton/Garageband/Pro Tools/FL studio or any other audio/video/animation/effects/compositing software you use.

Why do I need to submit raw files?
→ The raw files from your content are only required to judge the originality of your content and make the competition fair. We will not retain these files for our use in any way and they will be deleted after the competition is over.

Can I use royalty/rights free assets created by someone else to make my content?
→ Technically you may (in very strict moderation), but originality of creation will be of utmost importance during the judging phase and you will most likey lose points if you use assets created by others. We highly encourage you use everything created by yourself. If you are using rights/royalty free assets created by someone else, you are required to disclose the source - failing which, may result in disqualification.

Will the organizer of this contest hold right and ownership to the contents submitted?
→ No. All the content submitted will belong to their respective creators. When JMC Academy or iae decides to showcase these creation, due credit will be given to you and your team.

I finished my project. Where should I submit it?
→ Simplest way to sumbit is by sharing the online drive link where you decide to upload your final submission. If you require any assistance in this matter, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Who will judge the contents submitted?
→ A panel of professionals in the digital media field from JMC Academy Australia and IAE Global Nepal will handle the evaluation process.

I missed the deadline to register or submit my project, what should I do?
→ We recommend the creators to register or submit your submissions within the deadlines mentioned on the registration website (

Terms & Conditions

  • Entries can not be more than 5 minutes long.
  • Only 1 submission per team/individual is allowed.
  • Submissions can not have been entered into or awarded a prize in any other competition or festival.
  • Ownership of entries will stay with the creator. Neither the sponsor JMC Academy (JMC) or iae NEPAL (iae) will hold the rights to any submission as it is the creator's original content.
  • Shortlisted entries will not be used by JMC or iae for promotional purpose without crediting the original creators. Credited use, for promotional purpose, by organizers will be accepted as fair use of entries.
  • The entries should be original; contents should not include anything that have previously been covered by copyright.
  • Entries must not be creations of any person/persons other than the registered individual/team.
  • Winning as well as other entries will be featured for showcase with the original creator’s name after evaluation.
  • Decision towards selection of the winner by the organizers will be final.
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If you need to get in touch with iae NEPAL about absolutely anything relating to this contest, the easiest way is to write to us on Facebook: